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Speaker. Designer. Encourager. Author.

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Jennifer 'JenniAnn' Johnson has a heart and passion to help and encourage women to live their best life, which is so beautifully designed by Jesus Christ. It's been a tough year, but we made it Sis!


We've quarantined and used the time to rest, regenerate, re-evaluate and realize that life is so precious. Maybe you've also realized that without God, life has little meaning. Not a myth, not a fairytale at all, right? Through life’s challenges, relationships, triumphs and tragedies you and I are resilient. May you live life with no fear like the Queen you are and embrace the blessing of being loved unconditionally. 

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After a series of traumatic events, JenniAnn became a homeless, disabled military veteran dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental health challenges. Unable to work, she returned to her love of fashion, jewelry design, and community.  JenniAnn's jewelry designs and other signature pieces represent healing and hope. Her designs are therapy for her soul and a constant reminder to every wearer that life is beautiful, and we are more than conquerors. Every design reflects the answers that can be found in Christ to recover from hurts, unhealthy habits, and hangups. In addition to JenniAnn's designs, you can find her favs on JenniAnn Jewels and Daddy's Girl sites. The ultimate message is love, hope and peace because you are a Queen.

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"Believers in Jesus Christ are the Bride of Christ, and we wait with great anticipation for the day when we will be united with our Bridegroom. Until then, we remain faithful to Him and say with all the redeemed of the Lord, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

              Revelation 22:20       

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